The amazing and unique colours and scenes in the Kimberley inspire me as an artist. Currently I use wax and shellac, fire and flame to interpret the landscapes around me.

Encaustic art revolves around heating pigmented beeswax and creating a painting with it in much the same way as a painter would use their paints

imag0816 The main difference is the way you move the paint around, instead of using a brush I use a heat gun or blow torch. I also use shellac which I light to create texture in my works.

When I researched encaustics I found there was a historical reference from roman scholar Pliny the Elder in the 1st century AD and 20th century North American artists such as Jasper Johns and Tony Scherman also dabbled in encaustic art forms.

The oldest surviving examples of encaustic art are from the 1st century Romano-Egyptian era. This says quite a lot about the archival quality of the medium!