Will it melt?

The beeswax is mixed with either castor wax or damar resin (a natural resin from an Indonesian tree), either of these will raise the melting point of the wax to approx. 80 degrees Celsius, so your work wont melt in ordinary circumstances, I would not leave encaustic work in a car, as they become thermal ovens!!

Can I touch it?

Yes, you can, in fact wax is very tactile so it is tempting to touch

How do I care for my encaustic painting?

Every now and then encaustic art needs a little polish, a really soft cloth can be used to polish and buff your painting, be extra careful around raised or embedded pieces, the more you polish the higher the shine, you control whether you want your piece with a matt or high gloss finish.

If I frame it should I put it under glass?

It is a personal choice but I would not, it loses its lovely tactile look and translucence under glass. A float frame suits most encaustic paintings well.